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I couldn't believe the results I got from one session with Helen (well, I could, because she is especially good at what she does!). I needed some motivation and knew that my mindset could do with a restart. She is very calming, and I was at ease the whole time, and her process really does work. Getting the recording and her follow-up call helped stay on track. It's changed the way I do things each day. 

Elizabeth, Brisbane

I came to Helen seeking help for weight loss and depression.
So far I have had such amazing Results from my hypnotherapy sessions with Helen. My mind set has completely changed, and I have never felt more motivated or mentally stronger.

Since working with Helen, she has been able to help me make so many beneficial lifestyle changes. Her hypnosis has changed my mind set about food and has helped me to break my habit of self-sabotage and to identify the triggers of my comfort eating.
Helen has given me the key to unlock my mind so that I can succeed in my weight loss journey and to overcome depression.

Although hypnotherapy was out of my comfort zone, Helen made me feel very comfortable and has giving me such a great experience throughout my sessions with her.

Natasha, Qld 

What an incredible experience it was - being hypnotised by Helen. I didn’t believe at first but when I realised I was indeed under I just went with it. What I found even more incredible was it worked. Almost instantly. My fear was gone and I could relax. 
For this reason, I can highly recommend Helen and her method. It definitely worked for me.
L M. Brisbane

I finally decided to do something about it. Instead of seeing a psychologist, my mum advised me of RTT and suggested I try that first. Wow. Not only did the session bring up things I didn't even know were affecting me, but it also helped me realise that I needed to let go of things that were holding me back and gave me the tools to do so. Helen was kind, nurturing and made me feel very comfortable. Not only did I feel great after the session, but having the included recording has helped me to keep fighting my battles a little more every day. Thank you, Helen, for showing me that my happiness is well and truly in my reach.

Thank you, Helen, for your understanding in the amazing RTT session you gave me. It's so good to have a better understanding of why I had the negative thoughts and beliefs about my past. I feel like you have given me a ticket to freedom and I’m ready to run with it! I’m feeling so much better now, starting to achieve my goals and know that I have the capacity to get to where I want to get to now. Thank you again and I will highly recommend you to my friends.

Katie G. Sydney

I choose Helen and the RTT method to help me with severe anxiety. She has helped me accomplish what doctors and medication have been trying for the past several years in one session. After listening to the recording provided I am confident I will be off ALL medications very soon.

C.L Perth

Thank you so much for the sessions, Helen. Understanding the relationship that I had developed with food, I’m now more aware of the food choices that I make every day. I’m continuing to lose weight slowly toward my goal. Thanks for the recording that you made especially for me also.
C.S. Qld

I'm very grateful to Helen and I feel that Rapid Transformational Therapy has been very effective in stopping my alcohol dependence  I found that the session was very successful in finding the reasons behind my drinking.  I haven't had an alcoholic drink since and I don't feel the need to either. 
DW Australia

I had my first (and only) session with Helen in late November. Following the session, I used the recording each day and have felt a definite shift in my psyche and a shift in my clarity of understanding. The follow-up session with Helen has helped me re-focus and refine my journey towards clarity and a new life. I thoroughly recommend Helen for anyone considering RTT to help improve any aspect of their lives. 
JP Tba

I have suffered from anxiety my entire adult life and have been seeing a psychologist on a regular basis. I take medication to help with my anxiety and have often felt overwhelmed by it all. After seeing Helen I began to feel more confident in myself and saw myself stepping outside my comfort zone. Something I hadn't done in a very long time. I still have a way to go yet but I feel better within myself and now have the tools to help tackle each day in a more positive manner. Helen was professional, understanding and caring throughout the whole process.

Anonymous Qld 

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