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Addiction: It not only affects you but your loved ones too.


Any addiction is much more than a personal issue, the emotional and physical aspects of addiction impact on your loved ones too. 

Addictions come in all shapes and sizes from smoking, drugs and alcohol, to pornography, shopping, sugar and gaming. 

They don’t discriminate.

What is addiction?

Addictions are classified as something that moves you away from a bad feeling towards a good feeling, from pain to pleasure (and that you keep doing over and over again).

But underlying emotional issues of rejection and disconnection cause addicts to feel like they are never enough. Human beings are meant to connect and bond with each other because it is within our nature to do this.

So connecting to a “drug” for an addict is their connection.

What are the most common addictions in adults?

There are many addictions, from smoking, hard drugs, alcohol and sugar, to gambling, gaming and texting. Even shopping and shoplifting are addictions that can make you feel good.


People with addictions have beliefs like:

  • I can’t be cured

  • I can’t relax without a drink

  • I don’t like my life without drugs in it

  • I can’t function without this

The truth is there is an underlying cause to those beliefs, every habit of action is always run by a habit of thought.

How can hypnotherapy help addiction?


Through hypnotherapy, you will discover and understand what has shaped this behaviour, the habits of thought that are determining the habits of action.


Then we can change these habits and rewire new beliefs into your subconscious mind to rapidly and permanently heal your life. This will give you the freedom to be who you really are meant to be.

Will there be withdrawals?

When you have an addiction, you don’t really feel pain or stress due to what you are taking or doing. Stopping your addiction lets you start to feel all kinds of emotions and pains that you’re not used to feeling. Withdrawals don’t really exist because imagination is much more powerful knowledge and RTT is all about empowering you to heal.

Ready to change your life?


If you are ready to overcome the addiction that’s holding you back, click the link below to book a free consultation and I’ll be in contact within 24 hours, so we can get to know each other, discuss your issue and you can understand how a session is structured.


Alternatively, call 0409 610 153 or email today to book a complimentary first session.

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