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Fears and Phobias
Fears and phobias: Rapid Transformation Therapy can help these too


Are you avoiding situations because of a fear or phobia?


Don’t worry you are not alone … but continuing to be afraid will only strengthen the fear or phobia.

What’s the difference between fear and phobia?


Fear is a survival instinct that we are born with and this feeling protects us by helping to access if we are in danger or not. 


While a phobia is an extreme fear of something that can cause panic attacks and also interfere with you leading a normal life.

Did you know: The fear of being dropped and of loud noises are the only two fears babies are born with.


The rest of our fears are learned behaviours we develop in our early years. 

Fears are developed in a child’s mind and when they grow up and become an adult that fear is stuck in the “child’s mind”. The fear of spiders, fear of flying, fear of heights and so on are all fears that are acquired.

What are the main fears people have as adults?
  1. Fear of spiders

  2. Fear of snakes

  3. Fear of heights

  4. Fear of open or crowded spaces

  5. Fear of dogs

What happens with a phobia?

Phobia’s are illogical fears of objects or circumstances that will not likely cause any suffering. They do, however, cause extreme anxiety that can become a problem for a person’s lifestyle.


This can then lead to panic attacks in certain situations and to the avoidance of that situation in the future.


We can safely work together through hypnotherapy to find the root cause of the fear or phobia, to understand when and why you acquired this and then reprogram your beliefs to enable you to take back control of your life.

Your next step

If you are ready to let go of your fears and phobia because they are crippling your life, click the link below to book a free consultation and I’ll be in contact within 24 hours, so we can get to know each other, discuss your issue and you can understand how a session is structured.


Alternatively, call 0409 610 153 or email today to book a complimentary first session.

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