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Sports Performance
Sports Performance: Get the results you really desire


Have you done all the practice and training to win, but then you choke in competition?  Are you committed to exercising and fitness, but you’re not getting the results you want?


Experiencing failure or not reaching the results you expect can be emotionally frustrating and can cause you to start criticising yourself.


This can then have an effect on your physical performance because every thought you have has a physical reaction.


Your mind responds to what it thinks you want. This self-criticism or negative inner critic can affect your self-confidence, which will hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Fear of failing is real

This is where a fear of failure comes into play.


Your fear of not being good enough to win or reaching your desired goal is holding you back and you could be self-sabotaging through your own fear of failure.


To be a champion and get your desired outcomes and results, believing in yourself and in your ability, plus your commitment, are the key parts to finding success. 

RTT can help you


If you are not reaching the sports results and goals you have set for yourself, RTT can help. 


RTT offers you the techniques to enhance your performance through hypnosis, by uncovering the negative habits of thought that are holding you back from success.

Then you’re able to understand why these negative habits developed and fix them by rewiring your mind. This empowers you to expand your potential to get the exceptional results you want and expect from your training and performance. 


If you’re ready to enhance your fitness performance, call 0409 610 153 or email contact@helenjsullivan.comtoday, so we can get you going in the right direction.

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